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Jimmy October new track Winning

“I’m winning and winning and winning,” is one of the lines from Jimmy October’s new track entitled, “Winning.” Is it a self-proclamation? The way I see it, it’s simply the truth.


A year ago, this humble young man walked into OMG headquarters and shared with us his dream of making waves in the local music industry and driving the hip hop movement. Jimmy no longer just wanted to listen to rap songs of his favourite artists on the stereo and YouTube. He decided, it was time for his talent and voice to be heard.


The first step was writing his music and fortunately, writing was second nature to him. After all, October was already loved by many for the breathtaking poems he wrote and performed for the local series, “The Free Speech Project.” His songs were creative and dynamic. They weren’t the typical rap songs about “the high life” or promiscuous girls. Instead, he chose themes such as spirituality, growth, determination and perseverance for his songs. Writing songs were checked off Jimmy’s list and he decided it was time. It was time to get into the studio and show the world what he was made of.


Today he has shown the world that Jimmy October is a force to be reckoned with in the local hip hop movement.  Some of his tracks include ‘Gossip’ produced by Sean Aleong (Noah), New Classic featuring Jay Nahge, Talk dirty to me the cover featuring Nicholas Subero and Inzey and of course  his new track Winning. Jimmy is also a part of the local rap group OverDose, that has some of the best spitters including Jay Nahge (Jeremy Hitch), Nicholas Subero, Keenan Borde and Jerel Ramsey (Sarkastik). The team is working on producing music and building their brand. In other words, to make it all happen.


What’s next for Jimmy October?  We will just have to watch and wait because  anything is possible with this talented young man.

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