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Cassandra Maxwell


Cassandra Maxwell

28 – Tunapuna

June 6th – Scorpio

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I love my eyes, they are beautiful and give me an innocent look, even though I may not be. I could get along with almost anyone, and I’m very quiet and observant so definitely I love my personality. And finally, I’m very happy in my skin, I love myself, my body, my hair. I love me!

Your OMG Moment

I always have OMG moments. Somehow I may come across as clumsy because I always bounce into things or fall or stumble around; not only in the house, but in public, or when I’m well dressed. OMG moments are  like a daily thing for me.


Hair and Makeup:

Machel Sandy – Masheru



Bling Boutique



Stephen Doobal


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