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Vanessa Salazar


Vanessa was only six years old when her grandfather first told her a folk story about mermaids that resided in a nearby river in Las Cuevas. She was intrigued with these phenomenal beings and as she grew older, so did her fascination with them. Vanessa also developed another passion. A passion for writing. So it’s not a perfect mathematical equation, but she combined her passion for writing and interest in mermaids. This fusion created Vanessa’s first novel, “Selima and the Merfolk.”


The word creation is simple to say, but the creation of Vanessa’s novel was far from that. Prior to writing her novel, she became a member of the Writers Union of Trinidad and Tobago and began writing numerous short stories. Many people commended her on her pieces. This propelled her to  writing her novel. Vanessa took approximately three years to research, write, edit  and finally publish her novel.

The novel follows the life of a young girl Selima, being coerced to live with her dad in Las Cuevas after her mom died. Her dad lives with his new wife and her mother. The mother doesn’t particularly like Selima. Selima feels uncomfortable with her overall situation and often wonders away from her home. One day, whilst wondering the forested areas she comes across a river and spots the Merfolk. A lot of young teenagers are enjoying the novel. Vanessa says she felt overwhelmed by the response she received on her school tour. Many students were just as intrigued as her by the mermaids. The feedback has motivated Vanessa into wanting to make this novel as part of a three part series. I’m sure all her fans will appreciate this gesture.


As for Vanessa’s OMG moment, it was when she was asked to be the feature speaker for one of  Moruga’s primary school. She said the graduation’s theme is even about mermaids. if this isn’t an OMG moment, I don’t know what is.

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