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Anton Wellington


Anton Wellington

27 – Maracas St, Joseph

June 20th – Gemini


Three things you like about yourself and why?

Im determined, I had a lot of challenges in getting my degree in Human Resources, but because of that determination I was able overcome and i have my degree now. I also like that I’m a fighter; along side my determination, i had to fight for what I really wanted because all the people in the neighborhood and my friends were doing different and I was the only one persuing tertiary education, so i had to be tough to stay on track. Lastly, I like my body,  I like the way I look. I work hard in the gym and I run 5K so I’m happy with the results.


Your OMG Moment?

My OMG Moment was when I got a phone call that I won an all expense paid trip for two to Chancery Court Hotel in London to attend the Smirnoff Nightlife Party. I went with my cousin and It was amazing, nothing has topped that moment as yet!



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