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Kellon Bishop


Like an earthquake, he has shaken the masses with his unique talent. He is none other than local hip hop artiste, Kellon Bishop. Many of us may be aware of the “local” movement that has been existent in our society for a couple of months. There has been the heavy promotion of buying local, eating local and even appreciating our local artistes and music. Kellon belongs to this movement and he welcomes you into his world. His world that involves music and lyrics that will blow you away.


If I asked Kellon fourteen years ago if he thought he would be making waves in the hip-hop industry both locally and abroad, most likely he would have said no. But, the one thing he may have said , was that he loved this genre of music. Bishop may not have realized that producing and performing this genre would be his  passion at age thirteen,  but at age  twenty-seven, it’s all he can think about. Being a self-taught producer since his teenage years and in addition being lyrically inclined, he mixed these ingredients to create his first EP album.  The name of the album is called The New Hip Hop Album and all of his eight tracks are available on iTunes and SoundCloud.


What’s next for this talented artiste? Kellon plans to produce more music and of course , earn the ears of more listeners for his music.  He promises that once you hear his music, you will enjoy it. Let’s hold him to his word and go check it out!

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