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Spaceboi Miguel De la rosa


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Fashion designer Miguel Delarosa, aka Space Boi, has a message for all up and coming designers in Trinidad and Tobago: “The sky is the limit!” This year his company, the DLR Clothing Store, rocked the runway at the Tobago Fashion Week, with his line, Quart Side. Last year he did pretty well with his first line, Unchained, but this year he had people in amazement at how gorgeous each piece was.


Miguel said he was very happy with his success and he was already thinking about what he could do next year to add to his lines. He is hoping to eventually make his clothing designs into a lifestyle brand. I know many will be happy about this because Delarosa’s clothing caters for the everyday individual who wants to make a lasting impression.


The future for the DLR clothing company is looking extremely bright. After the fashion show debut, people are tuning into all his fashion designs. His hats are usually the designs in demand but now that many know what he brings to the table, they are going to that table because they want more. Miguel also hopes to launch the company’s official website soon and also retail his clothing to stores locally, regionally and internationally.


As for this fashion designer’s OMG moment, it’s the night he walked out on the runway after the showcase of his line at the Tobago Fashion Week. He said he felt overwhelmed with the positive reactions he got from the audience.

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