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Premiere Wedding Dj’s TT


Team OMG welcomed Corey King and Devon Kublal owners of Premiere Wedding Dj’s TT. Prior to the creation of the company, Corey was a Dj for a group in Arima called Malicious Entertainment and Devon played in the group Arch Nemesis, a group in  San Juan.  They both had a great reputation in the industry and thus, it was hard not to know about each other. Eventually, they got in touch, teamed up  and they began taking jobs.  They realized that they would often be contacted for playing at weddings. In the year 2013,  they played at thirty-six weddings. After that count, Corey and Devon decided to establish themselves as an official company. That’s when they came up with the name, Premiere Wedding Dj’s TT.


They began marketing themselves via social media. Through this medium, Corey and Devon gained a lot of recognition and secured many job offers. As time passed by , they also began offering additional services including lighting. All of Premiere Wedding Dj’s TT clients have given positive feedback for the provision of incredible services and professionalism. In this light, Corey and Devon plan to continue to market themselves  and push their brand further.


As for Corey and Devon’s OMG moment, it is being able to own  their company Premiere Wedding Dj’s TT and becoming such great friends. They became so close, that they were able Dj at each other’s weddings.


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