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Rachel Marcial all about her new venture


Words cannot describe how elated I felt writing about someone who loves the environment as much as I do. Rachel Marcial visited OMG’s offices this week and told us all about her new venture –  hosting an eco-friendly fashion show.  Rachele has been involved in the fashion industry since 2009. She has been modelling for quite some time and was a delegate in the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago pageant in 2010 and 2014. In addition, she has been doing many photo shoots with top photographers. So Rachele hosting her own fashion show   doesn’t seem too farfetched.


Her inspiration for the show comes as a result of her education in the field of environmental sciences and management and her passion for fashion. She generated an idea through the fusion of both interests. Why not promote environmental preservation in fashion by encouraging fashion designers to use eco-friendly products? The show will showcase fantastic designs but will also educate, inform and persuade people to appreciate the environment and hopefully plant a seed in their hearts to eventually become environmentally conscious.


The fashion show is called the Alternative Runway and will be held at the Brazil Secondary School on Sunday 5th July. It begins promptly at 6 p.m. Rachele chose this location because she has been working at the school by helping aspiring models become better and build their self-esteem and confidence levels. She hopes to show people that modelling can bring about positivity. This fashion show is a prime example. Not only is it promoting environmental awareness but part of the proceeds will be donated to children who have lost their mothers. The funds will be utilized to cover their living expenses.

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