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Stacy Smith and her seed in fashion


For over nineteen years Stacy Smith has been involved in fashion. At only age fourteen she planted her seed in fashion and has looked at it bloomed throughout the years. Talent in tandem with the skills she learnt in the various courses such as pattern drafting, choosing textures and techniques has made her the amazing fashion designer she is today.


Stacy recently presented her line at Tobago’s fashion week. The line was spectacular as it mainly consisted of semi formal cocktail dresses. They were also sleek and sexy. It also has a Caribbean aesthetic in that it was very colourful but glamourous which epitomized Caribbean women. Stacy walked away with a lot of positive reviews as her audience loved her pieces.


In addition Smith has an even more exciting fashion venture coming up in the month of October. She will be designing for the “Miss Grand International Pageant” that will be held in Thailand. The pageant is geared towards promoting peace and tourism throughout the world. The scale of this event is massive and is a huge opportunity for Stacy. Her fashion designs will be on display for the entire world will see and she will obtain the recognition she  deserves. Trinidad and Tobago is very proud and lend our support to this fantastic designer who is making waves in the fashion industry locally and internationally.


As for Stacy’s OMG moment  was when she fell in January 2013. She found out that she had Guillain-Barré syndrome. She was placed in the care of the hospital for several months. Smith couldn’t walk or breathe on her own. She is very thankful to her brother who took care of both her and her soon in this time of need. Stacy is very appreciative that she is well again. Now she can not only enjoy moments with her son and family but design again.

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