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It was raining cats and dogs but not even that could have prevented  calypsonian, Heaven Charles aka snakey from joining us here at the OMG headquarters. Believe it or not but prior to his career in calypso and his occupational  identity as Snakey, he was heavily influenced by the genre of dancehall. Furthermore,  Heaven was always involved in musical undertakings in his younger days. He reminisced about one of his first competitions he participated in. It was when he attended Caripichima Junior Secondary. His cousin Arlene wrote a song and he sang it for the school’s calypso competition .


Subsequently, Heaven began writing his own songs so that he could strengthen his song writing skills.  He also went on to join a local group called Snakey and Cupid. The group entered and won the competition, “party time “ in 1996 with their hit song, “open your eyes and realize.”Winning Partytime propelled Heaven’s career and it also appeared that he would be taking the name “Snakey “ as his permanent musical persona, as fans identified with this musical  identity. Snakey got a lot of amazing opportunities including visiting Ritual records with the accompaniment of Gia Mitchell and also worked with some prominent names including Omari and kindred.


Apart from music, Snakey has an exciting life as a barber in chaguanas. Despite enjoying his job as a barber, it is arduous work. However , he is happy to earn a sustainable income and he can also invest in his passion of music. Snakey hAs garnered hundreds of fans and has fed their musical appetite throughout the years. This year is no different , he will be releasing a new track called Mathematics. Team OMG was fortunate enough to hear a little piece of it and we assure you, it’s lyrically and melodically pleasing.


Recently Snakey also took another step in taking his career in music forward.  He has been signed to JC management and bookings. So for those who will like to book him for events, they now know exactly how to get in touch with him.


As for Mr. Heaven “Snakey “ Charles’ OMG moment , it was the success of his song “dhoti.” He was so thankful that it was well received by fans and the music industry.



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