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Jamelle Lovelace musical journey


Twenty-one-year-old Jamelle Lovelace met with Team OMG this week and told us all about his musical journey. Jamelle mainly sings soca, dancehall and reggae. He recently released his new track, “Love All Your Haters.” It’s a fusion of dancehall and reggae. Lovelace has received a lot of attention and positive feedback for the track on social media and he hopes that his work will make it onto the radio airwaves.


As an artiste Jamelle is new but his passion for music isn’t. While attending Manzanilla Secondary School he would freestyle often in the company of his friends. So when he completed school it wasn’t strange that he pursued a career in the entertainment industry. Jamelle took time to learn about the industry prior to making headway with his music. Knowledge and experience will be the key for him continuing to rise. Rising to his potential. Rising to success.


Lovelace is currently recording more music so people, make sure and get ready. He would like to thank Happy Life Entertainment Management and his producer, Kuban Productions.


As for Jamelle’s OMG moment, it was being called by his past teachers at Manzanilla Secondary to host and attend Carnival shows at the school. He says he felt proud to be welcomed and appreciated at his alma mater.

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