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Alleya Libert


Alleya Libert

19 – Sangre Grande

February 29th- Pisces


Three things you like about yourself and why?

Ohh…. My physique of course, because it gets me a lot of attention as a model and I work hard to maintain it. I like my eyes because they are mesmerizing; eyes are the windows to your soul so I love that I have beautiful eyes. Lastly I like that Im intelligent, I’m doing tertiary studies now and that comes before anything, I do well in my studies and a good education can get you anywhere.


Your OMG Moment?

I have so many moments, but one that stands out for me was when I had just started modeling. My first show was at the Center of Excellence and when I saw the crowd, I was amazed at how many persons would be looking at me. It made me very nervous but in the end, I did pretty well; but OMG, that crowd was huge!


Outfitted by:

Bling Boutique


Makeup by:

Machel Sandy



Stephen Doobal


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