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Juan with fearlessness and passion


After this listening to this interview, I felt inspired. I also hope that after reading about this young man, that you will also be inspired. To do more and be all that you can be. It’s easy to make excuses for all that you haven’t done, but the truth is, it’s not hurting anyone else except yourself. Sometimes we need to put aside the fear of not fitting in and focus on our passion, to achieve what life is really about. Being happy and seizing it.


Juan Pablo Alba Dennis has a wonderful story to share with us. He was born in Trinidad and lived here for eight years. He moved to the United Stares of America, where he moved around. Juan then fell in love. He fell in love with Drama and wOuld participate in various productions. When he was eleven he moved back to Trinidad and joined the music school, Lydions and was home schooled. After some time, he joined ballet school but then took a break from the stage when he moved to Spain to live with his dad for two years. When Juan moved back to Trinidad he was sixteen and he just knew he had to get back on stage . Dance was his calling and there was nothing that could dismiss this call.


Presently Juan is twenty-two years old and  he has already conquered a lot in this world, with fearlessness and passion as his armor and techniques and skills as his sword. Juan is presently pursuing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at a university abroad but  when it’s summertime he makes sure to return to his home country, Trinidad to share all that he has learnt with other upcoming dancers. This summer he sharing through the dance initiative called ” For the love of Dance” that will be held on August 15th at 7:30 pm at Queen’s Hall.Juan’s aim for the project is to raise funds to pay for airfare, school expenses, and tuition. Most times people just see the glitz and glamour aspect of his profession but Juan works really hard. A typical day in his life begins as early as 6:00 am and finishes after 10:00 pm. He juggles school and work. But make no mistake by assuming the project is just a fundraiser, it’s so much more than that. It’s an opportunity to show how well he used all he has been given and turned it something as close to magic. Juan says it is a collaborative effort from various groups including Lydions, 3 canal and 2 cent Movement. He is very thankful for their support.


Along his journey in dancing, Juan has also secured many opportunities to excel including a scholarship to go Beijing, China. Whilst he was there, he was educated and he grew into an amazing choreographer. He wants to thank Ms. Nancy , the artistic director of the Metamorphosis dance group for allowing him to use people from the company to choreograph one of his first routines . It motivated him and helped him believe that he had what it takes. Juan has taken a new and exciting approach to choreographing shows. He includes spoken word, singing and of course dancing. Many who have seen his productions have only positive feedback for this young man.


The future looks bright for Juan. He told team OMG that he will like to turn “For the love of dance,” into a foundation to support other young performers emotionally, technically and financially. Juan also hopes that one day he will be able to tour internationally.


As for Juan ‘s omg moment, it’s when he arrived late for class. He hurries to get on stage to begin warming up and as he looks to the side, he sees the world-renowned dancer ,Misty Copeland next to him also warming up. Juan said that morning he worked extra hard, so he didn’t look bad in front of his role model.

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