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Kern Summerville extends his music far beyond


Kern Summerville is a 32-year-old musician who has been making music since he was seven. Throughout the years he has been a participant at numerous functions at schools and at other public spaces. Kern is a member of the Police Band. Initially, he played the pan but he also began singing. He eventually migrated to other instruments such as drums, the French horn and, recently, the saxophone. Clearly, Kern’s talent extends far beyond those of the ordinary person.


Despite Kern’s great opportunity – working with the Police Band for many years – he is now attempting to become a solo act which will allow him to perform at more events. Team OMG learnt that Summerville’s aim is to become a full-time saxophonist. His band has a jazzy contemporary vibe and he just loves it. Summerville excels at singing, the pan and saxophone but it certainly never took away from his love of the drums. For four years, he has played that instrument at Calypso Fiesta.

It’s clear that Kern can master just about anything in the musical field. Marketing appears to be one of his main concerns at the moment. He has been trying to get as many videos as possible on YouTube displaying his full range of musical skills. Kern is also playing more at live shows. He has been a member of the various bands that performed in Bevacas, Tobago Jazz Festival, and national calypso competitions. Kern describes these opportunities as amazing.


Additionally, Kern arranges for school bands including Laventille Police Youth Club and his alma mater St Augustine Secondary School. One may think Mr. Summerville has quite a busy lifestyle after hearing all he does but that isn’t all that he does. For the past 12 years, he has been a member of Exodus Steel Orchestra.  Kern is truly a remarkable and talented young man.


This musician’s OMG moment came when a waitress burst into tears during his performance at a club in Curepe. When he enquired he found out it wasn’t that she was sad. It was just that she loved his voice. Hers were tears of appreciation.

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