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Naomi Eva Stoute


Naomi Eva Stoute

21 – San Fernando

March 9th – Pisces


Three things you like about yourself and why?

I like my sense of humor because it’s something that really keeps the doctor away. I like my unique personality, I tend to always bring a smile to people’s face. And I like my drive, I always try to do better than I did the day before.


Your OMG Moment?

My OMG moment came after tedious training and being screamed at almost every day. Being the only female in my class, my captain looked at me at the end and told me that he always knew I would be good at what I was doing and that I am strong enough for the path that I have chosen. As he gave me my first boat Captain license. OMG!!


Outfitted by:

Bling Boutique


Makeup by:

Machel Sandy



Stephen Doobal


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