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Christopher Weston


Christopher Weston

22 – Chaguanas

January 24th – Aquarius


Three things you like about

 yourself and why?

Im God fearing. Im from a family of six and we were brought up to always trust in God no matter what; so faith would always be instilled in us to always look to him, and things will always happen through prayer. I’m passionate about people; my father is a soldier and my mom is a teacher, so this also comes from family values, we were always taught to put service before self so helping others is always something I practice. And lastly, I’m determined, I always set goals and put things in place to achieve that goal and work hard towards achieving it.


Your OMG Moment?

There was this one time i was going to work in Port of Spain and there was this guy looking for something to eat, and everyone was ignoring him, so I decided to give him some money and told him God bless you and he turned to me and smiled and said,”No, God bless you” and he gave me more money than I gave him. I was really surprised. That was my OMG Moment.



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