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Stephon Stoute


Stephon Stoute

27 – Couva

February 16th – Aquarius

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I like that I’m a very ambitious person. I’m willing to take on any life challenge and go after it with the most positive attitude that I can muster. I like that I am aware of my health. I’ve deeply involved fitness within my daily lifestyle and will be happy to advise persons who want to do the same.  I like my personality. I consider myself a friendly person. I’m always willing to help people out and always excited to meet new people.

Your OMG Moment?

My OMG moment was when I was awaiting my results from UWI. I did my masters in Strategic Leadership and Management. The only thing that was holding me back was the results from my thesis. When the results went online, my heart was beating so hard it might have broken my ribs…..lol. While  the Google page started to load, I literally had to close my eyes and count to ten just to settle the anxiety in my body. When I opened my eyes and saw that I passed I nearly teared up. That little moment felt like the world to me.

Photographer | Stephen Doobal

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