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Multi-Symptom’s immeasurable talent and insight

Multi-Symptom has been blessed with immeasurable talent and insight. He has been singing from a very tender age, some family members would say he was singing in his mother’s womb. He has been on the soca scene professionally for the past 7 years. Multi started off singing with the group Ward 1, who did the song ‘Fever’ in 2002, but became known as a solo artiste for his hit song, ‘Gyul Yuh Like To Wine,’ which he recorded and released in 2003.
Multi continued pleasing his fans with his poetic lyrics when he released ‘Trini Know How To Party’ and ‘Rock You,’ in 2004 and 2005 respectively. But in 2006, he shocked the music industry and most of his fans when he released his ever controversial reggae hit, ‘Black Star Liner.’ This song caused a stir and received tremendous airplay from radio stations both locally and regionally.
This young man is very unpredictable and versatile with his musical choices and lyrical content. This year Multi has released 2 groovy soca tunes, namely, ‘Standing’ and ‘Little Bit,’ which are already on the airways. He has also finished other projects which are yet to be released and his work in the studio continues.



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