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Rachel John


Rachel John

25 – Blanchisseuse

April 10th – Aries

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I love my legs because I think they are sexy. I like that I am a perfectionist. Anything I do I try to do it to the best of my ability. I think that I am gifted when it comes to creativity. Whatever I put my hands on, the end results are always good. This is shown mostly through my hobbies, sewing and applying makeup. Both of which I have a great passion for.

Your OMG Moment?

This definitely has to be the time I made the top 10 out of 35 models in the first season of Caribbean’s Next Top Model. If you made the list your name would be on suitcases for you to travel to the next island. I was overwhelmed when I turned around and saw my name! I was a little disappointed and sad at the same time because some of my friends didn’t make it but the happiness I felt for myself quickly overshadowed all other feelings. That was really OMG!

Photographer J Hamilton Photography

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