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Ricky Black


Ricky Black

21 – Arima

February 25th – Prices

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I like that I am a patient person. When things that I want in life don’t happen immediately I do not let it bother me. I think it will happen when the time is right. I love how calm I can be in any stressful situation. I consider myself a beacon of positivity and always judge and consider a problem before getting angry and blowing things out of proportion. I love my body. I remember being 95 pounds. Very skinny! I worked very hard to get the physique that I have now.

Your OMG Moment?

My OMG moment was when I got the opportunity to leave the country for the first time to represent the national Dragon Boat team in Budapest, Hungary. I returned home with two medals. When we stood on top of the podium hearing the national anthem of Trinidad and Tobago being played, I was like “OMG!”. That feeling was one of a kind.

Photographer | Stephen Doobal

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