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Naballah Chi – Holds up her hijab

I like to think of myself more as a stylist than a designer. I have a knack for creativity and putting things together. Most people know me as a Fashionable young woman with my Blog and YouTube channel featuring fashion and the way I style my clothing. I’ve been blogging and modeling for the past 3 years and due to my consistency I’ve had some really interesting companies reaching out to me because of my unique style.

Some of my notable features include:

BBC’s “The Conversation” highlighting my fashion blog and my journey as a fashionable Muslim woman living in the Caribbean.


Fashion Bomb Daily

 I really enjoy traveling, it has the ability not only to alter our outlook on the world, but also to give us a better sense of who we are. I resided in Belize for two years before returning to Trinidad to finish UWI. I graduated in 2014 with a BA Communication Studies and a minor in International Relations. I’ve always had an interest in media and so I’m currently pursuing an advanced course on Radio Broadcasting. I have an Internet Radio Show which I co- host with a friend. Apart from that I enjoy fashion very much. It has always been a hug part of my life. I came from a family where my dad was a designer and my mom, a seamstress.


Growing up I would design my outfits and my mom would sew my designs. In 2015 I enrolled at the University of Trinidad  and Tobago to pursue a degree in Fashion Design but I had to leave because of demands for traveling. One of my major travel journies was  in 2014, when I represented the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago at the World Muslimah Awards, held in Indonesia. My story was featured locally and since then I was invited by the Editor of the  Guardian Women’s Magazine  “WOW” as fashion writer. I also took up an offer from the Editor of an online Magazine called Hayati. And most recently became the brand ambassador for  Artizara, a California based Islamic clothing company.

Last year I launched my debut fashion collection entitled “Classic Woman ” and have since been featured on several  newspapers as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s emerging designers.


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