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Michael Bristol

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Michael Bristol 

18 – Blanchisseuse

October 19th – Libra

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I love my determination and persistence which allow me to get through difficult situations. I love my leadership qualities, its one of my strongest characteristics. I mentor people and give them that motivational factor they need to keep going. And of course, I love my body. I worked very hard to gain the level of fitness that I currently have and it helps me out in the ladies department….lol.

Your OMG Moment?

It definitely had to be that time I sang in front of 400 people at Trinity Cathedral. No, it had nothing to do with stage fright or nervousness. This OMG moment was a shameful one.  I was singing an acapella and there was a pause before the bridge. I paused and the entire audience started to clap vigorously. You might be thinking nothing is wrong with that, except I wasn’t finish singing the sound. I was so embarrassed. I wanted to run off the stage and hide. All I kept thinking was that I wasn’t sounding good and the people wanted me to leave. I continued anyway, in a cloud of shame.


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