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Abigail de Souza


Abigail de Souza

19 – Woodbrook,

March 8th  – Pisces

Three things you like about yourself and why?

I like that I’m talented in the arts because it’s honestly my passion. I love art and painting portraits, anything that’s artistic intrigues me. I’m really happy I was blessed with that talent. Looks-wise, I really like my hair, I feel like I can do almost anything with it because of the texture. I can wear it straight, curly, up, down, I like that it’s so versatile. I really love that I was born in Trinidad, I love my country and it’s people, the food, the culture, I am definitely blessed to be a Trini girl.

Your OMG moment?

I literally say OMG for everything, so one situation is never really the case, but I would say the thing I say OMG the most for is probably when I’m watching a really intense series on TV with a lot of suspense, I find OMG to be my most used phrase. OMG!


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