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AKIMBO An Independent Concept Store

AKIMBO is an independent concept store and creative event space, showcasing Caribbean fashion and accessory designers, artists and lifestyle products, located in the Borough of Arima. It supports the strongest local and regional independent brands across fashion, lifestyle and art. As an independent and creatively led project, the concept focuses on providing a platform for these talents to be exposed to the general public in a way never seen before in Trinidad and Tobago.

This is achieved by appealing to the sensibilities of the everyday man and woman on the streets who would have once thought that indigenous fashion and art were inaccessible. AKIMBO’s vision is to transform this creative space into something new and exciting, supporting independent local and regional brands, artists and fashion designers and establishing the Caribbean as an international centre of independent design and manufacturing.

Recorded Tuesday, 28th July 2016, Trinidad.
Produced by Stephen Doobal. A Production of Real Company Limited www.realcompanylimited.com – production@realcompanylimited.com – for the OMG Digital Magazine www.omgtt.com – info@omgtt.com



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