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Nishad Radhay From Obese To Beast

24-year-old Nishad Radhay says he has transformed from obese to a beast.

The young personal trainer used to weigh 260 pounds and was bullied constantly for it.  “When I decided to change my lifestyle, I wanted my journey of losing weight to be all natural.  I didn’t use herbal life or any pills etc. My greatest accomplishment was when I stepped on the  scale one day and I weighed 148 pounds.”

Nishad says that no matter how fat and overweight a person is, training and dieting are the keys to losing the weight. A proper mindset is also a great factor. You must want to do it and put dedication like no other into you training process.

“I put in a lot of time, effort, emotion and sacrifice into my training and I am proud of myself ad my results today”, says Nishad.

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