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Stacy Never Allows Challenges To Stop Her

Though from unsettling beginnings Stacy never allowed challenges to stop her from dreaming and achieving her dreams. At the age of 4, she showed interest in the Arts and was enrolled in the then popular music institute, Pan Pipers Music Academy. She studied and excelled in the areas of pan, piano, guitar and vocals.  At 7, she became fascinated with the world of dance and theatre and began dancing with La Chappelle’s Creative Workshop where she procured the lead role of many productions such as The Pied Piper, Brown Girl and In the Sun.
 After graduating from secondary school with 21 academic awards, she was awarded a Yale scholarship to pursue Medicine. However forfeiting her scholarship, she began her career in marketing and advertising at the innovative Abstract Magazine as an Account Executive and worked her way up to General Manager. She left the magazine to pursue her studies in Biology, Psychology and Music at the University of the Southern Caribbean.
She returned to the world of marketing thereafter and became the Marketing and Sales Manager for the Trinidad Realtor and Guardian Media Ltd. However, with the desire to explore the world of business she began her first business venture; a partnership with her mother, Priscilla’s Beauty Supplies Store.  It is at this time she met and began to work with the international actor Mr. Sullivan Walker as one of the main cast members of his short stories ‘Caribbean Woman’.
Rediscovering her first love for music and theatre, Stacy served as a vocal coach at the Angelic Sounds Music School but quickly realized something was missing from the process and the local platforms that were necessary for showcasing the talents she was grooming were not enough. It is at this point she began mapping out and on May 6th 2014 she launched the revolutionary approach to vocal and performance training i.e. Rosemand’s Vocal and Performance Academy; an establishment designed to discover, nurture, showcase talent and cultivate well-rounded professionals.
Ms. Nurse has been the mentee of Psychologist and Radio Presenter/Playwright Dr. Eugenia Springer but is now poised to embark on various new projects of her own. She wears many hats, from principal, director to writer. She is currently working on publishing her first writings and recently launched a film production company: Rose Petals Productions Ltd. with projects such as “The Pink Ego Project” and “It’s a Hard Luck Life”. She is now the host and creator of a new project “He say… She say” aired on Gayelle Caribbean. Dynamic, strong, passionate and innovative…some words to describe Ms. Nurse as she continues to make her contribution to the world and the education of the Performing Arts.


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