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Christian Ramirez has that “Typa Love”

19-year-old Christian Ramirez, was Born And raised in the borough of Arima, Trinidad. He attended the Arima Central Secondary School, earning 3 distinctions when he graduated. It was around this same time that he appeared on a viral video with one of his classmates and got the attention of the world with his vocal skills.

Christian currently resides in Brooklyn and attends Medgar Evers College. He is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While seeking a higher education, he is taking a very serious musical journey. Ramirez told the OMG Team that music will always and forever be his number one passion. ” I love music and feel it in my soul. Doesn’t matter what the genre is.”

Since then, he has amassed quite a loyal fan base, recorded several songs and recently released “Typa Love”.



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