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Mega! Massive! Tough! It’s Nebula868

“Nebula868” Wong Nebula & Sean Nebula possesses a talent that is yet to be seen from the twin island. With a passion for Hip Hop, Pop, Soca & Reggae, Nebula868 fuses them all with their fascination for outer space & the love of their Caribbean heritage.

The boys knew the true meaning of sacrifice and struggle. Sean Padmore Aka Sean Nebula was born November 9th to Oswald & Angela Padmore. Sean’s father passed away from Diabetes when he was just seven years old, leaving his mother a single parent doing what she could to raise her baby boy and his siblings. Clayton Wong Aka Wong Nebula was born December 23rd To Anne Marie Wong & Curtis Nicholas who also worked with what they had to raise his younger brother and sister. Sean & Wong became early high school friends helping each other through their daily personal trials, and they both did it best through music. They became very close and even though they came from different backgrounds, they considered one another nothing less than brothers.

The Nebulan brothers with their outer space obsession brought to life “Nebula868”. Nebula is an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen gas, helium gas and other ionized gases. Nebulae often form star- forming and Each Nebula has a specific name for e.g. Eagle Nebula. The Boys like to believe that they’re not from Planet Earth, but from Planet Nebula, the Planet of music where there is no crime, Nebulans only live, learn & love. They claim they crashed landed on earth, location “Trinidad” after the planet was destroyed by a solar blast and they were the only survivors.

The area code for Trinidad is 868 and that’s how they creatively got “Nebula868”

They got their first buzz in 2010 with their remixed single “Beamer Benz or Bently” by Lloyd Banks called “Rollin inna Sunny”. The response from the single was much more than expected and took the Internet by storm, which was soon followed up by the cleverly conceptualize music video showcasing a bit of comedy and Trinbagonian “Flavor”. From there, the group continued to ride the musical hype with the release of “Kingz Of The City” which placed them in a league of their own, the young Kings took the throne and dominated the air waves, receiving “Mega Massive” love from Caribbean people all over the world. The video was soon released putting a face to the voices that arrogantly said “Nebula the kings of the city, we run the town and the people run it with we”

The brothers took advantage of their talents, which went way beyond being brilliant songwriters & music engineers. The young Kings were producing & editing their own music videos alongside their Team N868. The group went on to further market themselves by building their fan base spreading the name Nebula868. The duo in addition wrote for such artist as Terri Lyons, T.C, Devon Matthews & Aaron Fresh to name a few.

Before their big 2k11 hit single “Confidence” the brothers were exposed to over 5,000 fans at a Nicki Minaj concert in Trinidad titled “Localize It” which launched them straight to stardom. These Trini Extraterrestrial Beings now needed that next step to take their career beyond the stars resulting in the album “1962”. Featuring comedian “Pastor Stewart” and groovy Soca Monarch King “Kees Dieffenthaller”. The album also features the hits Amped Up, Hello Goodbye, Talk Nah & Confidence.

Nebula868, they do not come in peace.


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