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Abeni Procope Ripped and Resy

Abeni Procope has always been athletic, whether it was her swimming or karate, she enjoyed being active. Then, one day she fell in love with bodybuilding and fitness, and it fell in love with her. Now she finds pleasure in sharing her knowledge with others. Abeni says, Seeing people happy, healthy and Fit brings me great joy.

In 2012, she joined CLX Gym in east Trinidad and, while chatting with the owner one day, they struck-up a conversation about bodybuilding. It was around the time when the Trinidad and Tobago Championships were being staged, and the owner encouraged her to give it a try. Her search for a personal trainer was painstaking and proved to be a somewhat an unpleasant experience for Procope. She began reading up on the sport and created her very own weight-training and conditioning regimen all with the intention of entering competition.

In March, 2013 Abeni left CLX and joined Central Athletic Club in Chaguanas, where she met someone who later became her personal trainer and fiancé. The following month, during one of her workouts, she was introduced to Susana Haddad, who told her about an upcoming bodybuilding competition. Haddad informed her that she was in perfect shape to enter the Bikini Fitness and Figure categories and after some discussion about the details she chose Bikini Fitness.

It was the start of some very intense workouts. Already very petite, the focus now was on developing Procope’s muscles, which required wholesale changes to her diet. Leading up to the event, she also needed to invest in various body highlight sprays along with a bikini, new hairdo and makeup. Procope was ready and did not feel any last minute jitters on the day of competition. Procope had her own cheering section in the audience on the day of the show, held at the Cascadia Hotel in St. Ann’s, with her parents, boyfriend and her best friend there to give her support. She was making her debut along with a dozen other women in the Bikini Fitness category which was new. Procope strutted her stuff before the judges and placed fourth.

She was satisfied with her debut performance and, confident in her ability to do better the next time around. She set her sights on the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago Senior National Championships.

In the meantime, Abeni is ready to give back. Her time, experience, and expertise in helping others achieve their goals to become healthy, fit or ripped.

Makeup Artist: Dana Dalipsingh

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