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Karen Figaro

Karen Figaro

26 – Maraval
February 15th – Aquarius
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I am self-motivated and driven. Anything that I pursue  I tend to apply myself 100 percent. Secondly, I love fitness. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad. I think everyone should want to achieve a beautiful body and beautiful mind. Thirdly, I love that I’m competitive. I’m considered to be an alpha female or dominating.  I just think its great to always be at your best.
Your OMG Moment?
My omg moment was when I started UWI to do my psychology degree. I never thought I would be interested in it until I happened to stumble onto the subject. It is such an interesting field; just being able to tap into the minds of people. For example, what is the motivating factor in the mind of a criminal? It is something I have now become strongly passionate about.



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