‘SOVEREIGNTY” is a three man group that has been in existence for about 8 years. The group consists of Kearn “K. Sose” Samuel, Hilton “Ace Dot” King and Sean “Synister” John. Initially a Hip Hop group, the faces and numbers have changed over the years. In 2003, the group was called “Five Fifths” and as the name suggests, there were five members. Kearn Samuel, having met Jessel and Kda in Morvant Laventille Senior Secondary, discovered their mutual love for hip hop. Jessel, introduced the guys to a neighborhood friend Camille and Kda brought in a classmate of his, Hilton King. “Five Fifths” was formed. However, time and struggles of being a starving artiste, cut the numbers to three. Leaving Kearn, Kda and Hilton to pick up the pieces. Driven by their determination, the group did just that and influenced by the powerful meaning of the words, “Supremacy of authority” they changed their name to Sovereignty.

In “2005” the group released their first single to the radio stations entitled “NICE.” The song being a mixture of both hip-hop and soca, quickly got the attention of the listening audience. Second to be released would be a song entitled “Trini Stand Up” which highlighted both the good and bad in Trinidad and Tobago. From that point on Sovereignty would become one of the most talked about groups in T&T .The group racked up a number of performances under their belt including countless hip hop shows, house parties, Synergy, Win Tv and Gayelle. Then they were hit with another loss of a member, when Kda left the group. Kearn and Hilton kept going with business as usual, until in 2009, a mutual friend Sean John (no relation to the clothing line) joined the group. The trio has recently found their niche in a blend of R&B and Pop while still maintaining their Hip Hop foundation. They have also been featured in hip hop magazine Gangzta Mozart.

Each member coming from a different part of Trinidad, brings a different perspective to the table, including talents other than just rapping.

Kearn “K.Sose” Samuel, originally from Arima is also a singer/actor. Talents that definitely propel the group’s artistic direction. Kearn, who once struggled with the decision of whether he should sing, rap or act is now sure that blending the three will help set his group apart from the rest.

Hilton “Ace Dot” King hails from Beetham Gardens, and is determined to prove that positive things can come from an area that has such a negative stigma attached to it. Bringing the hunger and drive to achieve that goal to every song, Hilton is certainly, lyrically, a force to be reckoned with. Hilton also helps in giving Sovereignty a more professional sound, being certified in mixing.

Sean “Synister” John since becoming a member of the group has become known in the underground hip hop circuit for his hard hitting and witty punch lines, carrying the group even further. He too, also brings other talents to the table, being a video editor, Sean is responsible for the groups increasingInternet presence via Facebook and YouTube.

Together, Sovereignty plans to take their music and talents on a whole to the world, thus putting the native country of Trinidad and Tobago on the map.

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