Miami Carnival a taste of T&T away from home

On October 8th, on the heels of Hurricane Mathew, team OMG landed in Miami, which was mostly unaffected by the massive hurricane. Thank goodness Matthew decided to party elsewhere.

Our mission? See what Miami Carnival had to offer and report back to our readers. In fact, the trip revealed much more than just Carnival, but it clearly showed that the City of Miami was on an aggressive growth path, positioning itself as the city of opportunity, where you can live, do business and enjoy all the benefits of modern urban living. There is a reason why Miami is one of the top party capitals in the world. And this year’s Carnival did just that.

We noticed that the City of Miami is rich in cultural and historical influences from throughout the Caribbean, but the influence of Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival was evidently significant in what Miami Carnival had to offer. From the big trucks blasting music to the costumes crossing the stage. Miami Carnival has the infrastructure, location and audience to grow into one of the best Carnivals away from home.

Top Soca artistes Machel Montano, Kes The Band, Karma with Nisha B, Alison Hinds and so many other soca stars from throughout the Caribbean were represented at various events in the city. The parade of the bands though small, did not lack in the spirit and energy of Carnival, as the jubilant masqueraders hit the stage. Everyone walked around the event proudly showing the flag of their home country, all gathering together, to get a taste of what they left back home.

The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau who hosted our visit made sure we were well taken care of, at every step of our stay. Miami Carnival was only one stop in our fantastic journey through the City of Miami, stay tuned because over the next few weeks we are going to show you some of the other sides of the city you may not have experienced before.
Recorded Monday, 10th October, 2016, Miami Florida, USA.
Produced by Stephen Doobal. A Production of OMG Media Limited – for the OMG Digital Magazine www.omgtt.com – info@omgtt.com


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