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For all those who are new to the Rich Life, let me familiarize you with the one and only!
His debut year was a meteoric rise to the international soca spotlight.
One of the hit songs of the Carnival 2012 season, K. Rich’s “Nothing Less”, was regularly heard on every regional radio station!
Carnival 2013 started after K.Rich released another massive hit, “Wine Back”, out of the Precision Production camp.
Not wanting to confine his talent to one genre, K. Rich also followed up his first dance/pop track Slow Mo from 2010 with the release of Out of Body Experience in mid-2013.
In 2014, he did the unthinkable…. He released yet another smash hit! “Go Down”! It became evident to all in the regional music fraternity that Kenneth “K.Rich” Richards was here to stay and he quickly became a household name with his combination of infectious music and his energetic and memorable live performances!
“Who is this unstoppable force?” and “where did he come from?” many asked.
American-born but Trinidadian bred, he and his family migrated from Miami to St. James when he was 11. His initiation to music composition and studio production came by observing the success of his legendary stepfather, Austin ‘Superblue’ Lyons.
In his teens he joined rock band, 5 Miles to Midnight, as its frontline singer. Through his creative direction, the band introduced to the world a hybrid fusion of rock and soca! Kenneth wasn’t aware of it yet… But he was laying the foundation for his future as one of the fastest rising stars in Trinidad and Tobago!
By 2010, it was time for Richards to venture into a solo career. Experimenting once more, he wrote yet another hybrid soca entitled “Slow Mo” which stirred interest from a legendary A&R, the late Christian Carbaza, who quickly took an interest in the young, dynamic and diverse artiste.
Despite their work together coming to an untimely end after only a few months, Kenneth knew that the future of soca depended on it meeting the demands of our vibrant culture as Trinbagonians while being able to connect with other cultures; new territory that Richards explores to this day!

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