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Timba by Ecliff Elie

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Timba by Ecliff Elie

Written By Aba Luke

It’s been mere days since the unveiling of Trinidad and Tobago designer, Ecliff Elie’s TIMBA resort collection. He says he has since been inundated with calls of congratulations
and also clients’ requests for select collection orders. “The feedback’s been very good so far. In fact, two people came immediately after the show to purchase clothing from the collection. Some people even want to purchase gift cards,” he said happily.

Ecliff Elie’s brand is certainly a strong and successful one. It stands firmly and is well rooted in Caribbean design, fashion and culture. Fellow Caribbean designer, Claudia Pegus who attended the TIMBA unveiling at the Normandie Hotel on Tuesday night contacted Elie personally thereafter, telling him that she certainly liked everything that she saw and was pleased with how the event was executed. Likewise, radio personality at 96.1WEFM Leslie ‘Ezel’ Moore said he expected nothing less than extraordinary from Ecliff Elie, which he admitted, had been delivered.

The event featured a number of notables. In the VIP audience was the Cuban Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, Guillermo Vázquez Moreno who Elie said expressed his pleasure in what he saw. “He really loved the stuff and he said he could tell that I did the research. He asked me if I’d ever been to Cuba and I told him no. He said he would’ve never thought so,” said Elie. The Arima, Trinidad born designer said Ambassador Moreno told him that the TIMBA collection had captured the true essence of Cuban culture and how Cubans
dress, especially with the hats and floral prints that make up the collection. Modeling on show night were Caribbean celebrities, soca artistes Kees Dieffenthaller and Shurwayne Winchester, radio personality Sunny Bling, footballer Kenwyne Jones and Internet sensation and radio personality, Ro’dey. They all expressed satisfaction, having been a part of something they felt, was truly special. “I really want to thank the artistes and celebrities who came out to model because they really came out of their comfort zone. They had never donethat before. They called me after and told me thanks for the opportunity,” he said.

Elie is now preparing a special event that will cater to his loyal customers. He says gift cards will be ready just in time for Christmas gift purchases, on December 1st. The TIMBA resort collection, deemed a hit, is certainly perfect for men who yearn to be fashionably comfortable. With structured, tailored appeal and Cuban flair, there’s no doubt that Ecliff Elie’s TIMBA is a great option, anyway you look at it.


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