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Nadia Batson Ready To Accept Love

In 2012 the birth of singer/songwriter, Nadia Batson’s all-female soca band brought with it a rejuvenated energy to the carnival scene in Trinidad and Tobago. Something new and exciting had been pending and so when the band announced its imminent breakthrough onto the scene in November 2011 and subsequently hit the stage at fetes across T&T’s carnival in 2012, many were beside themselves with joy.
In the past years, the band SASS has earned a name for itself, with Batson- certainly no stranger to the Caribbean and International music circuit, being credited for something truly dynamic and certainly needed.
Musically, the women of SASS are tough. The band’s sound leaves nothing to be yearned for and when it comes to visual appeal, most if not all that has seen the band, will agree that SASS is the real deal.
Together with Batson toward the front of the stage are Terri Lyons and Megan Walrond. Vocally, the three each offer something different, however when joined together, their rhythmic undertones and unique flavors mesh to create a symphony that is undeniably magical.
2012 saw the release of quite a few new singles between Batson, Lyons and Walrond. Batson delivered singles like No Pressure, Shiver, Hard Pong with Raymond Ramnarine, Making Up, Bring It On and Intimate, while Lyons released Cyah Stop Moving and Walrond, It Hurtin.
When SASS was launched, Batson’s dream was to offer something dynamic, something that would be remembered, something that would eventually become a household name and already she has achieved this.

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