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Jamborii Mas band is up to Mischief.






Jamborii Mas is a Carnival Production Company that started in the University of the West Indies (UWI) carnival in 2011. Since its’ inception, it has evolved and expanded operations to not only Trinidad but also Jamaica and the USA.

Jamborii Mas represents the collaborative efforts of several working professionals from various fields. These members are both passionate and dedicated to providing an exceptional and unique experience for all JM patrons…

Jamborii Mas has successfully hosted several parades and events from 2011 to present with an accumulative patronage of over 6000 persons.

…In 2015

Jamborii Mas made its’ entrance into Miami Broward Carnival by hosting a Carnival Band of 500+ patrons.

…In 2016

Jamborii Mas hosted its Jouvert band in Trinidad entitled Hunger Games which represented a local cultural interpretation to the highly anticipated upcoming movie release. The concept was well received as patrons participated in the two-section band labelled Peacekeepers and District 12.

In Miami, we were present for a second year with a presentation entitled League of Conquerors, which saw some of our favorite childhood characters come to life. After another successful execution, Jamborii Mas decided to undergo a rebranding process and upgrading of patrons’ experience for 2017 to ensure we are on par with the ever developing demand for a world class Carnival production.


…In 2017

Jamborii Mas is geared to host our Jouvert band themed Mischief which will provide players with a never before executed Jouvert experience bringing merriment and safety to the annual celebration.

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