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((BOUNCE))™ – Saturday 4th March

((BOUNCE))™ is going to break the world record for the most number of people bouncing on a trampoline!

On Saturday 4th March at Fitness Fiesta Camber Sands, ((BOUNCE))™ will break the world record for the most number of people bouncing on mini trampolines simultaneously. This will take place during a ((BOUNCE))™ class at Fitness Fiesta, a weekend of fitness and fun with fitness classes and workouts from top international fitness presenters.

The current world record for the most number of people bouncing on trampolines simultaneously is 324 people and was set in 2015.

The team from MTV UP Energy Drink will be in attending, providing a post-workout recharge with cans of their new Classic and Sugar-Free energy drink.

About ((BOUNCE))™

((BOUNCE))™ is a fun, friendly & fierce group fitness class on mini trampolines. Formally known as rebounding, in 1980 NASA called it “most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man.” Putting a fresh spin on traditional rebounding, our dance-based choreography sets ((BOUNCE)) apart.

Kimberlee Perry started ((BOUNCE))™ just over two years ago with eight trampolines in one small studio. Combining her extensive dance background with her exercise to music qualifications, Kimberlee says “Exercise is seen as a chore by so many, but ((BOUNCE))™ is primarily about having fun whilst staying active in a friendly environment. Plus, you can’t take yourself too seriously whilst jumping on a trampoline.

“But the fitness results at ((BOUNCE))™ are pretty serious stuff: up to 3 times more effective than the same workout done on the ground and 700 calories burnt per class! And the trampoline absorbs 87% of the impact, making it the perfect low-impact exercise for those recovering from an injury, with joint concerns, pregnant women or anyone overweight. ”

Now with over 70 studios, 115 instructors and 20,000 spaces booked per month, ((BOUNCE))™ is rapidly expanding across the UK, and international studios are set to open in Australia and New Zealand later this year. Breaking a world record is the next stop on ((BOUNCE))™’s plans for spreading across the globe.

For further information, photography and press bookings contact Miranda Drew marketing@bouncefitbody.com or 077133 46812

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @bouncefitbody

Website: www.bouncefitbody.com

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