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Leonce brings Soca from Brooklyn to Trinidad.

From the time she was a little girl dancing in the front row isles of Spectacular Forum, Leonce has loved and has always been surrounded by soca music
Living on the sweet twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Leonce’s first chance of fulfilling her fantasy came when she performed at the junior calypso competition.
In 2005 after meeting Rayzor, band leader and lead male vocalist of The Request Band based in NY, she was given a shot at joining the band. With Rayzor now being her mentor, she has now become a big female vocalist in North America and it’s only the lack of opportunity to break through and gain the respect deserved from her peers in the country where she was born and raised is missing.
Leonce has been nurtured by influences such as Lord Kitchner, Singing Sandra, The Watch Man, Trinidad Rio, Denyse Plummer & Ella Andel and will continue to be disciplined as she has been showing since becoming the lead female front line vocalist (State Year)with the NY based Request Band destined to follow in the footsteps of Destra Garcia, Fayann Lyons, Allison Hinds and Shennel Demster Etc
Her release for 2016 WARN DEM has  amassed close to 200,000 views on youtube since its been released.WARN DEM should a mega hit to look out for this upcoming Carnival once given its fair share of exposure.

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