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Musical artist and Chutney Icon, Nisha B, sits with us this week.

Nisha’s life and being celebrates the essence of music. Having grown up with the ever presence of rhythm, and strong Indian cultural background, this talented singer devoted herself to the music industry at a very tender age.

After completing her secondary studies, and having gained distinctions in English language and literature, Nisha’s career officially began. She envisioned a life of being kept close to her music, and so she indulged in numerous cultural activities and programs that included Mastana Bahar and The Children of Mastana.
Nisha claims this venture paved road for her career and gave her the inspiration to move onwards. In the year 1999, she released The Scorpion, a song that was voted one of the most popular songs of all time.
Some time after, together with the empowerment of her two brothers, Anil and Ravi, Karma was formed. Nisha says her love for music is cemented with Karma and her strength lies in her passion.
From 2002, Nisha has been collectively recieving awards which to her the singer believes is her motivation to only work harder. She is now the tittle holder of 7 best female artiste awards including International Chutney Soca Female Artiste.
S ome of the highlights of her career were singing a duet with former Prime Minister Mr. Basdeo Panday at a private function, she has also performed for the Present Prime Minister Mrs Kamla Persad Bissessar, having a heart to heart talk with Bollywood singing queen Alka Yagnik and learning of Alka’s secret tea, She has performed in both the Bollywood Music and Movie Awards and has met with famed bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna and actress Zeenath Aman,singers Sonu Nigam, Kumar Sanu, and Anup Jalouta, just to name a few, but the ultimate personality she dreams of meeting Lata Mangeshkar of course. Nisha B is the first chutney artiste to ever recorded a song with a Jamaican artiste (Beenie Man) and created a new genre ‘D.C.’ (Dancehall Chutney). Scorpion Reloaded was one of the most downloaded songs in 2010, and in 2011, Nisha teamed with Busy Signal for ‘Lying Man’. She is the first chutney female artiste to host both a radio and television program. Nisha B is also a song writer and has the talent and capability of patterning different changes in tone of her voice to match any genres.

At present Nisha holds the position of a radio broadcaster at radio 90.5 fm where she co-hosts The Night Life with her brother Ravi. Nisha also hosts her very own programme Chutney Island on The Avenue on Synergy TV.


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