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Trisha Steele loves to transform.

When I started makeup I never imagined it would have lead me to where I am toddy. I decided to a makeup workshop with Mrs. Arlene Villarule Felix for my personal knowledge and ended up falling completely in love with what it was and what it can do. After my workshops AV(as we called her) asked me to go out on a job to represent her and my love affair with makeup began. Nicked named “the wingedliner queen” I worked as a makeup artist under AV AND Exquisite Faces for 2 1⁄2 years. These were some of the best experiences of my early career. I eventually made the decision to branch of on my own and build my brand Signature Talents by Steele. During this time I attended the Pivot Point Academy and gained my diploma in Esthetics. I have also done workshops with Buntricia Bastion, and Tatiana Ward (Beat face honey) just to name a few. I have also worked with some local artist such as Kes the band and Nadia Baston and for the film Home Again which was shoot in Trinidad starring Tatiana Ali. Presently I am working as freelance makeup artist doing commercial jobs, photo/video shoots, bridal makeup (my personal best) also any and all occasions. 
Recently I started conducting my own workshops where I teach women how to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup for me is not just a job , it’s a way of life. I get inspirations from everything I see, paintings, colors, places, flowers anything that catches my eye. One of the best feelings for me is that one moment when the person sitting in my chair looks at themselves and their confidence instantly increases, they stand a little taller, sticks their chest out a bit more and smiles brighter than before. There is nothing that can compare to that feeling. As the motto of my company states “lend me your canvas & I will paint you a masterpiece”

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