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Rondell Huggins

Rondell Huggins
21 – Sangre Grande
July 10th – Cancer
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like that I do things differently from the norm. I dont like doing what eveyone else is doing. If they are going right, I will be the odd one to go left. I like that I am a confident person and this has a lot to do with me entering the “gym life”. There was a time not so long ago when I was very insecure and depressed. Now I hold my head high. I love to hear people talk. it could be about anything; their day, how they feel, what experience they have. I’m just genuinly interested in hearing what people have to say.
Your OMG Moment
My OMG moment is the day I met my girlfriend. She is so different from all the females that I interact with and has been right there with me through the worst of times in my life. I never really thought that I would get someone like her. Its just amazing and shocking that this strong woman would adore me the way she does.

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