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Signature Blaze releases new music.

Signature Blaze is a young aspiring artiste of today. In 2007, he entered the Synergy Soca Star competition with his song Gettin’ Naughty. Signature’s journey however, began much earlier when he participated in his primary school’s choir. He fell in love with the music and loves performing and entertaining.  He captured 1st place in the schools’ Calypso Competition and later went on to win their Karaoke Competition as well. 
During the series of the Synergy Soca Star competition, he gained a lot of information and experience in the local music industry. Signature Blaze aims to make a positive impact on the world with his music and is now releasing some major songs, collaborating  with artiste such as “Dawg E Slaughter” and has intent on producing good music for his fans.

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