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Jaiga is back!

Terrin Callendar aka Jaiga has been a part of the entertainment fraternity in Trinidad and Tobago and by extension, the Caribbean region- for over a decade. His sound system background from the early nineties leading into the 21st century, has taken him on a journey marked by leaps of faith and riveting success.
From his roots as the DJ/radio announcer- Super Jigga TC, the self-proclaimed King Of Swag delved into management at the all Soca station, Trinibashment 91.9FM; this was after he returned to Trinidad from the U.S where he’d studied the business that he was so much a part of. His role at the all Soca frequency would prepare him for much of what he is today, a full-fledged Soca artiste.
Balancing his roles as a radio personality and a member of management, Super Jigga TC soon embraced yet another calling. A meeting with Synergy TV’s Peter C. Lewis in 2005 led to the birth of Soca Star- a seasonal television production based on the development of budding entertainers, with the most ambitious and best developed becoming the crowned season’s Soca Star- a spin off of the American Idol series. The production’s first success was Rohan “Fireball” Richards- a young, talented male vocalist. Having co-written Fireball’s hit single, “What I Want:” in 2007, the King of Swag is today proud to say that the artiste and the track have received international recognition across Europe and the United States.
His popularity consistently soaring, Jaiga has continued to prove that he’s focused on music and is bent on representing the art of Soca an the local music industry to the best of his ability.

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