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OMG Hotty – D’Andre Smith

D’Andre Smith
20 – Sangre Grande
August 13th – Leo
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like my strength. I have endured so many negative things in my past and got bullied a lot. But despite all this, I grew stronger. I like my unique sense of style; I put my very own D’Andre flavor into the things I wear. I like that I can be myself always. I do not allow anyone to take my individuality from me and I definitely don’t just sit and accept the norms of society.
Your OMG Moment
This happened at my graduation. I had a beautiful tube dress. There was a bra piece that was supposed to be attached to the dress. Now, there I was, in the dance, having the time of my life and the clasp that joined the bra to the dress unhooked! All I have to say is thank God the place was dark.
Makeup Artist: Candice Rahim
Photographer: Stephen Doobal

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