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Creative Designer and Fashion Icon, Richard Young.

Richard Young has become a staple in the Caribbean circuit. Over the period of 25 years, his extensive talent as a stylist, production designer and impresario has brought him to become one of the most sought after consultants in the region. He has been working at length producing fashion, beauty and arts-related events from the Bahamas in the north the archipelago to the Guianas in South America, with North-American stints in Miami, New York, Toronto and Montreal.

Richard’s professional acumen is widely popular for his strategic and overarching pitches for both corporate and governmental organizations- having penned the documents for the inclusion of fashion and its related event tourism events in the ongoing parliamentary and private sector dialogue, regionally. Due to his longstanding hands-on approach, he has been solicited to assist in strengthening the institutional integrity of the fashion industry framework by hosting seminars and conducting workshops, not only in the Caribbean, but through the Diaspora.

In terms of sustainable development networking, Mr. Young has been responsible for many a launch of existing designers as well as the strategic positioning of their apparel for feasible new markets, regionally and even further afield. By creating opportunities at other trade/runway platforms, designers have been able to broaden client-base. Noteworthy efforts include ‘Cutting Style’ hosted in Toronto, in conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago Consulate-General; Caribbean Fashion and Music Fair in Philadelphia, Creative Shades, Montreal. His work with National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (2004-2007), not only spawned the emergence of FETT but branded a whole new realm of niche market designers with a clear-cut vision that their worth is directly proportional to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Richard’s passion for things Caribbean has become legendary. To date, the widely-celebrated professional is producing innovative fashion showings or exhibitions, cataloguing and styling fashion layouts and consulting on a wide range of arts-related projects. His involvement in the areas of Branding, Image Consultancy, Event/Production Management has spanned projects endorsing Youth Empowerment Initiatives, Customer Relations Practices and Art Direction for television and video. He is consumed by an avid preoccupation with our distinctive way of expressing ourselves. This is our idiosyncratic Caribbean style. Its attendant, dynamic and creative merchandising approach, driven by Mr. Young, continues to celebrate our Caribbean Aesthetic uniquely positioning the brand to the world, unapologetically, however maintaining relevance to the ever changing needs of the global fashion industry.



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