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Jahremiah Love has the formula.

Jeremy Curtis Nabirali, aka Jahremiah Love passion for music, blossomed at an early age. He wrote his first song at age 14 and a couple of years later had his first recording.
However, despite his love for music he also had another love; cricket. Instead of pursuing music he decided to focus on cricket and became a talented opening batsman for a well-known team in Trinidad, forging a bright future in sports.
Tragedy struck last year when Jahremiah was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Since being discharged from Neuro Surgery, he became a man on a mission. His need to express himself through music grew and led him to write heartfelt lyrics.
He believes that no matter what obstacles are placed in his path, he will continue fighting for his dreams and inspiring others to never give up.
Jahremiah says that he has the perfect formula to captivate the hearts of his listeners.

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