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Giselle Diaz

Giselle Diaz
18 – Sangre Grande
November 21st – Scorpio
Three things you like about yourself and why?
I like that I am intelligent, it’s always a good thing to be smart. I like my face because I believe that I am beautiful. And I like that I am ambitious. I would like to become a judge one day, so I research what needs to be done. I always push myself in school because I just have to accomplish my goals.
Your OMG Moment
My OMG moment? Well…  When I was younger, I participated in the Miss Teen Beauty Trinidad and Tobago Pageant. Though I am from Sangre Grande, I was chosen to represent Valencia since someone else got the opportunity to represent Sangre Grande. When the top 6 was being announced and they called Miss Sangre Grande, I totally forgot that I was representing Valencia and I got excited and walked on stage. I was harshly reminded that I am NOT Miss Sangre Grande and had to return backstage. I was sooooooooo embarrsed!!
Clothing: Ming’s Fashion
Hair and Makeup: Machel Sandy – Masheru
Photographer: Stephen Doobal

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