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Joanna Boca introduces the ‘Caribbean Carnival Caravan’.

In 2014, the Caribbean Carnival Caravan was born, after the Founder observed that not enough was being done to promote the rich culture and heritage of the region.
Because the carnival celebrations is just one of the backbones of our Caribbean region, the main purposes of the Caribbean Carnival Caravan is to package, market, facilitate and promote the celebrations unique to each island to foreigners throughout the world.
Founder Joanna Boca – “I love my Trini Carnival and thought nothing could compare to the “Greatest Show on Earth”. In 2014, I decided to try the Jamaican Carnival and it was a wonderful experience!!
I saw how the Jamaicans embraced Trinidad and Tobago’s Soca music and culture as their own on the streets of Kingston and blended it with their Dancehall music.
Also, many people of other nationalities could be seen flying their flags high as they embraced each other in the merriment of the moment. I was overjoyed that Carnival itself was a source of unity.
And so my dream was brought to life when I founded the  Caribbean Carnival Caravan. I am passionate about promoting the Caribbean Carnivals throughout the diaspora and all over the world.”

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