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Meet Sound Engineer and musician, Navid Lancaster.

Navid Lancaster is a musician, music producer and the owner of LANCAST, an independent company that composes the emotions for award-winning films, video games, mobile apps, and animation.
Throughout his career, he has built an impressive portfolio from recording artist to producing his own albums and soundtracks. He has also created many radio commercials and audio programs for various Ministries and Government agencies.
Before starting his independent company, Navid worked and trained in various studios most notably KMP Music Lab in 2001 and Surround Recording Studios for six years. He also worked as a Sound Engineer Officer/Media Archive Producer at the National Academy for the Performing Arts.
He has also composed music for the first interactive Caribbean business magazine app for iPad and Android tablet, ‘Caribbean Commerce Magazine’ and the music and sound design for the first Material Design (Google Standard) mobile book in Thirty Vol. 1 Short Stories.

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