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The Imaginary Friends is back with their new, 2017 single “God Knows”.

The Imaginary Friends is back with their new, 2017 single “God Knows”. They will be performing at the Borders Festival, on 27th May at the Hasely Crawford Stadium.
The band Imaginary Friends was officially formed in September 2013 And Immediately became a mainstream favorite. With the diverse and soulful vocals of its leader JOON SILVERMOON, the band quickly gained popularity and began performing at a number of events alongside some major names in local entertainment. Imaginary Friends began releasing original tracks that topped the Indigenous charts with record breaking votes. The song “GOD KNOWS” Spent 10 weeks at No. 1 on the indigenous charts and can also be heard on 95.1 Total local with Mike Ross.
On April of 2016 Imaginary Friends was chosen together with six other local acts to travel to Newfoundland Canada to take part in a musical fusion called Club One New Releases to be shown on the  Flow Tv network worldwide, the event was sponsored by Flow. Although mostly known as an alternative Rock/Pop band, the band is very diverse and also performs Soca, reggae, and R&B to name a few.
Band members include: Joon Silvermoon (lead vocals, guitar) Meme Ramcharitar (bass, vocals) Tash Ramcharitar (keys) Ringo Maharaj (guitar, vocals) Michael Chang y (lead guitar) Hayden St. Hill (drums) and Wendy Ramcharitar (manager)
The band is currently working on an album and will be performing at the prestigious Borders Music Festival on the 26
th-28th of may 2017 at the national stadium alongside some of the biggest names in local music, also from Finland and the USA. Imaginary Friends intends to further cement their musical influences both in Trinidad and Tobago and worldwide!

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